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About Radio UF

A curious and inquisitive show about the world of international politics, broadcasting every Thursday 6-7 pm on Studentradion 98,9.

2019-01-31 A Conspiracy Against Conspiracies

Put on your tinfoil hats and tune in to this week’s episode of Radio UF to hear us talk about conspiracy theories. What is it that makes conspiracies so entertaining to so many? Why is it that people want to believe in the existence of the illuminati: and how do these theories impact our society?

2019-01-24 Democracy or hypocrisy – the lethal consequences of inaction

In the first broadcast of 2019 we turn our focus to Myanmar and the ongoing crisis surrounding the Rohingya people. How did it all start? Who is responsible? And how is Aung San Suu Kyi playing a part in it all? Tune in to find out!

2018-12-06 Nuclear weapons 2.0

A year ago Radio UF talked about ICAN as it was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize for its work with the abolishment of nuclear weapons. A year later, so much has happened that we decided to revisit the topic. Tune in to learn more about Trump’s relationship with Kim Jong Un, the Iran Nuclear Deal and much more.

2018-11-22 Fake News

The term fake news has become quite popular the last couple of years, but what happens when you lable the free press as fake? Tune in this week to learn more about the ongoing war on journalism and the dire consequences it might have.