2016-04-18 Feminist colonialism: The export of reproductive rights

A woman should be allowed to control her body. A woman should be able to choose when she has children. Or should she? There are a plethora of ways people understand the loaded term ’reproductive rights’, but is the right way the feminist way? Do all countries need – or want – women to have this control? What happens when the West intervenes and imposes this right upon different people? Tune in to our podcast to hear a gynaecologist explain her experiences across the world, where she was faced with social resistance, with cultural hurdles and the sad reality of unmet demand. Listen to what our correspondent learnt in Uganda, where an NGO is trying to help women prevent the 33% of pregnancies that are unwanted. And what about the backtracking on abortion currently sweeping across the USA and Europe? Join us as we flit around the world to explore the reality of Feminist Colonialism: The Export of Reproductive Rights.