2016-12-05 Nuclear Weapons: A useful deterrent or Risk to Humanity?

In 2009 in Prague, Obama laid out an inspirational vision: A United States of America committed to seeking the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons. While the speech was full of promise for those advocating an end to the existence of nuclear weapons, it is reported that around 15000 nuclear weapons still exist in the world today. In this week’s episode we will explore the views of those who say we should be concerned, and that a ban on nuclear weapons is necessary. Some argue, however, that nuclear weapons might be useful as a deterrent measure in today’s world, and are unlikely to disappear anytime soon.
We will hear from Åsa Lindström, Vice Chairman of the Swedish Physicians against Nuclear Arms, who will talk about the so called humanitarian initiative. We will also hear from Bruno Tertrais, Deputy Director of the French think tank The Foundation for Strategic Research, who will discuss why some countries still rely on nuclear weapons, and we will also hear from Richard Lennane, Chief Inflammatory Officer of Wildfire, who will talk about a recent United Nations resolution that could see a nuclear weapons ban treaty being negotiated in 2017.
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