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2019-11-28 After the Fall of the Wall

Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, we take a look at the state of both East Germany and the international community. How has the fall of the Soviet Union and the East Bloc affected international relations today?

2019-11-07 Protests

As of recording there are 16 national protests going on around the world.
Why is this? Can we see a pattern? How will they end?
Join us for a discussion on the autumn of protests

2019-10-24 Ethiopia

With the 2019 nobel peace prize going to Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed now is the perfect time to talk about the country Ethiopia its political history and the challanges it might face in the future

2019-10-10 Ukraine

Ukraine, a country on the edge of Europe, between the EU and Russia with a tumultuous recent history. In short a country not discussed enough. We should amend that, this episode will discuss the countries current president, its interests, recent history and more!

2019-09-26 Climate strikes

With one of the largest climate strikes in history taking place, we will take a closer look at the movement, the international fight against climate change and why nothing tends to be done.
Will the movement last? Where did it come from? Where will it go?
This and much more in the first new RUF episode of fall 2019

2019-05-30 PREDICTIONS

What will the future hold for the world of international politics? Dust of your crystal ball and join us to find out!