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2020-05-07 Nationalized resources, the key to a functioning welfare state?

Could a strong economy based on a nationalized resource industry be the key factor in creating a welfare state? Join us as we discuss 4 different cases and search for a common pattern

2020-04-02 Sick Democracies

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus some leaders have chosen to circumvent democratic process and has centered power around themselves. Could this be necessary in an extraordinary situation such as this or is it simply a power grab for powers sake?

2020-03-19 The Greek border crisis

As the media cycle is more and more focused on the Coronavirus it is easy to miss what is happening around the world. The crisis at the Greek border has largely been underreported, yet it is an important happening that could shape EU-Turkish relations for years to come

2020-03-12 Coronavirus Follow-Up

In this episode we return to discussing the effects of the Coronavirus. Tune in for a rundown of what different countries are doing to counter the virus, the effect it has had on french politics and three interviews from quarantined people in Italy.