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1959: the year in jazz

Returning guest Simon Sander joins Vintage Party in the studio tonight and we’ll listen our way through the rich catalogue of jazz records recorded and/or released in 1959. Cool jazz, bop and Ella Fitzgerald, there’s something for everyone tonight.

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…and they called it jass*

Some like it hot! hot! hot! Relive Prohibition and the glory days of the ’teens on Vintage Party tonight – experience jazz’ infancy as if for the first time with plenty of Dixieland and Chicago hot jazz and on top of that an interview with a real live living trad jazz band from right here in Uppsala, The Rhythm Baby Makers. Live as always at 7pm on 98,9 MHz and

*We spelled it with s in those days, as was the style at the time.

All about that sax

Vintage Party returns from a brief hiatus with two hours of saxophone, and a few unusual variations on the standard horn. Hear plenty of Coltrane and get an introduction to the wild world of Roland Kirk. If you’ve never heard him before you won’t want to miss this introduction to the man who was his own saxophone section.

Photo: Heinrich Klaffs

40s, 50s and 60s playlist!

Vintage Party offers something a little different tonight. Instead of a regular episode we’ve put together a playlist, just two (mostly) uninterrupted hours of your favourites from the 40s, 50s and 60s – jazz, pop, folk and everything in between.

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Big Band Singers

The big bands of the 1930s and 40s employed many female singers who were often lumped together under the name ”girl singers”.  Some were well-known, while others stepped from obscurity to perform a chorus before slipping back out of notice. And what happened to them in the ’50s after the end of the big band era?

We’ll give these big band singers all the attention they deserve on tonight’s Vintage Party. Listen 19-21 on 98,9 MHz in Uppsala or

Image: Helen Forrest in a CBS publicity photo wearing a novelty blouse printed with the word ”ration” and holding a ration book.

The romantic decade: 1964-74

A spirit of romanticism left its mark on much of the 1960s’ musical output. Starting with Bob Dylan’s suddenly personal lyrics on Another Side of Bob Dylan (1964) and ending with the death of Nick Drake in 1974, much of the music produced during these ten years was filled with the introspection, emotion, poetry and pastoralism so typical of another century’s romanticism, as well as a vital interest in folk roots.

Tonight’s episode of Vintage Party explores this 20th-century romanticism through music from North America, England and France.

Miles Davis from be bop to funk

A guest joins Vintage Party in the studio tonight as we listen through the earlier years of Miles Davis’ career, from his very early recording sessions as a studio musician in the heady world of be bop to his forays into funk for Bitches Brew. We’ll talk about why Miles Davis left be bop, his collaborations with Gil Evans, and lots more.

Don’t miss this in-depth look at the music of the great trumpeter. Listen tonight, wednesday 26 november, on or 98,9 MhZ.

50 years of Songs for my Father

Horace Silver’s seminal hard bop album celebrates 50 years since its release this week. We’ll take a listen.

Also on offer tonight: an eclectic blend of music with French lyrics, forgotten folk singers and the original crooner, Al Bowlly – among other things.

Don’t miss Vintage Party tonight, wednedsay 5 november at 7pm on or 98,9 MhZ. You can also listen via our app, Studentradion, which you can download for your smart phone.

Photo of Horace Silver by Dmitri Savitski.

The Wrecking Crew & the T.A.M.I. Show: 1960s California

You don’t know them by name, but you’ve definitely heard them: The Wrecking Crew, a group of highly talented, in-demand studio musicians who played on hundreds of the most successful recordings made in LA in the 60s and 70s. Among them were bassist and guitarist Carole Kaye, probably the only female to make a living as a session musician at the time.

Meanwhile, in Santa Monica, one of the most important moments in popular music history took place over two evenings: the T.A.M.I. Show, a showcase of the biggest names in R&B and rock and roll, like the Supremes, James Brown and the Rolling Stones – and the Wrecking Crew played back-up for most of the performers.

We’ll hear so much great music from the Wrecking Crew and the T.A.M.I. show tonight on Vintage party – you won’t want to miss it. So don’t! Listen to or 98,9, or on our app. Two hours tonight, Wednesday 29 october, from 19h.

Image courtesy of The Wrecking Crew Film.