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Close harmony and hysterical fans

Tonight’s Vintage Party plays plenty of close harmony – mostly a cappella groups that sing traditional pop. We’ll hear from the Chordettes, the Beach Boys and The Four … (fill in the blanks) – among others.

Also on the menu: hysterical fans are no new phenomenon, as we’ll hear in some live recordings spanning several mid-century decades.

And as always, a review.

Listen live, 19-21, wednesday 15th October via our website or tune in at 98,9 in Uppsala.

Vintage Party turns Two

Vintage Party aired for the first time on 19 september 2012. We can’t believe it’s already been two years!

Tonight we’ll reminisce and play music that’s even older than it was the first time around.

Live from 19-21 on (98,9 MhZ in Uppsala).

Vintage Party plays Cuban Rhythms

The Cuban clave rhythm was a key element in both the creation of rhythm and blues music and Latin jazz in the same decade, the 1940s. We’ll talk about both tonight on Vintage Party, in an episode that includes plenty of music as well as a DVD review.

Listen live Wednesday, 10 September from 19-21 on

Vintage Party visits 1944

1944 was the year Glenn Miller disappeared, Billy Eckstine founded his genre-expanding big band and jazz was played for the first time at the Metropolitan Opera. Don’t miss tonight’s Vintage Party as we get a glimpse of what all this sounded like plus the top hits of 1944. Live Wednesday 14 may at 19.00 on or 98,9 MhZ

Vintage Party on Hits

Tonight on Vintage Party we’ll talk about billboards – not that kind of billboard, but rather the lists of hit songs compiled by American music magazine Billboard. Joining the show tonight will be guests from Studentradion’s OPUS, the music-history show. We’ll discuss why certain songs made it to the top – or not – in the 50s and 60s. Don’t miss it, tonight (Wednesday) at 19 on 98,9 MhZ or

Vintage Party plays Laura Nyro

Singer-songwriter and pianist Laura Nyro’s songs became more famous than she was. Her style, a blend of Brill Building pop, jazz, soul – in short, a hybrid of everything Nyro listened to growing up in New York, distilled into unique and complex compositions.

Her songs became well known in covers by the likes of Peter Paul and Mary, Three Dog Night and Barbara Streisand while Elton John, Todd Rundgren and Cindy Lauper, among others, cite her as a major influence. Later Nyro would become known for her outspoken feminism, before her premature death in 1997.

Listen to Vintage Party tonight, Wednesday,to hear more about Laura Nyro. Live at 19 on 98,9 MhZ or

Vintage Party gives you the contrafacts

Tonight Vintage Party is bringing you a whole hour of music based on the contrafact! This compositional technique takes the chord progression of a well-known standard and sets it to a new melody.

From ”Fifth House” to ”All the Things You Could Be By Now if Sigmund Freud’s Wife Was Your Mother”, learn all you need to know about contrafacts in jazz and popular music.

Don’t miss Vintage Party at a special day and time, 8 pm tonight (Thursday), only on the web radio.

Vintage Party goes to Brasil – Part Two

Jovem Guarda, MPB and Tropicalia: The mid to late 1960s were a time of conflicting influences in Brazillian music, with many American influences and an urge for a return to the tradional, all of which culminated in the antropofagia, or cultural cannibalism, of the Tropicalitas.

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