Radio UF goes viral with Pandemics Pt. II

The semmelwrap reached Uppsala last week and Radio UF is on the case, with the second part in our mini-series on pandemics – covering all things vicious and viral – airing today. This week we bring it back to politics and put our own species under the microscope, only to discover the baffling difficulties humans have with effectively tackling pandemic outbreaks. We interview a political epidemiologist about the structural and financial problems of organizations such as the WHO, look into the dangers of mixing global health work with political agendas and contemplate the responsibility of the infected – through the infamous story of Gaëtan Dugas, incorrectly believed to be the so-called patient zero of HIV in the United States. You’ll also hear about the very much active anti-vaccine movement, bluntly refusing to vaccinate themselves or their children against preventable diseases. Tune in live at 4 on 98,9 FM or on the hot Studentradion 98,9 app!