Radio UF x Uttryck: Dystopia/Utopia

Radio UF is gearing up for a very special episode indeed. We team up with UF Uppsala’s own Uttryck Magazine and introduce their coming issue on Utopia/Dystopia. Their long awaited next issue will be out in only a few days, and we will provide a teaser and introduction to this fascinating subject. Be prepared to be both amazed and frightened as we talk about what the world might come to in the future. And maybe where we already are today?
Should we all move to Bhutan in search for happiness? Maybe the future entails delicious bugs in our food and economic prosperity for all? Or maybe the ever here Dystopia movie trend is closer to where we are all heading? Time to start training for the Hunger Games perhaps? Will world war 3 and nuclear annihilation be our inevitable end? Who knows, but you can be sure that we will discuss all these things and more! This is an episode you do NOT want to miss.

You’ll hear us at 16.03 at Studentradion 98,9!

Bild: Marcus Rönne