2015-10-05 The State Of Statelessness

When you have no citizenship to safeguard you, human rights are meant to step in to protect your rights as a human being, but do they? What happens after you survive the journey across the water and make it through the walls of Europe? How long is the journey towards a British, German or Finnish passport?

As a part of the Aid Refugees week on Studentradion, Joanna and our three brand new team members, Charlotte, Jessi and Marcelina look at the implications of having and not having a citizenship, as well as the connection between your citizenship and your identity. Having a citizenship is an invaluable asset. In China and parts of the European Union, invaluable or not a citizenship can still have a price tag attached to it. Jesper interviews Miss Lee, a chinese woman who gives us the story of how the Chinese One child policy created 13 million unregistered children whose prospects of becoming citizens became a question of socioeconomic status. Baba tells the story of how the American concept of Birthright citizenship is in fact not a birthright for the citizens of American Samoa.

AND if you missed the last part in our trilogy on demography “For a New Life”, don’t forget to listen to that while you’re at it!